Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One day 13 hours and 31 minutes until Santa comes!

But again, who's counting? My kids that's who!
Here are a few pictures taken over the last few days. I won't be back until after Thursday so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brings you everything you've asked for.

This is my BIL Nat telling me I'd get better results if I take off my lens cap. Of course I looked and he thought that was funny. He's such a silly guy.

This is my nephew Daniel. He was very sweet and played with Jacob and Colby all weekend. He's a great big cousin!

The boys playing basketball.

This is Jacob's nutty sweet teacher playing mutilate the gingerbread cookie.


LotoFoto said...

That picture of your nephew is awesome! Don't you love it?
Jacob's teacher looks like a great teacher. Love how the kids are so close to her and she looks so calm.

Have a great holiday!!!

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