Monday, September 15, 2008

I missed the cutest photo op

The other night Colby crawled under the table and fell asleep laying his head on Max. Too bad as soon as the flash went off he opened his eyes.

Wow! My colors are really wonky lately. This looks totally different in PS. Hey Kelly. Did you fix your problems with the color issues? I've noticed that the last few pics I've posted on my blog don't look the same as they do in photoshop. WTH is going on?
OK I think I fixed the problem. The top photo reflects what I would see in PS and then the bottom is of course what happened when I posted on the blog. For some reason my ACR program was opening the file in Adobe rgb color space instead of the sRGB color space. Can you tell a difference in the photos?


LotoFoto said...

I see a big difference especially in the skintones. WTH is going on with color issues?
I have not actually fixed mine. I haven't investigated enough to know for sure (aka got lazy and stopped working on photos).
I changed some things like Alien suggested but I'm not sure it worked.

Love the photos... what do you mean you missed a cute photo op? Colby looks adorable!

Kelly said...

yes but it was so cute when he was actually asleep. LOL. Check you ACR settings. That's where mine was screwed up.

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