Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's Play Baseball!

Jacob had another game last night. They don't keep score in the fall for this age group so I don't really know who won. It's all about the love of the game! In the spring season we've got a lot of pushy parents so it's nice to relax and just enjoy it.


LotoFoto said...

These are great!
I love the texture over the first one.
And I'm cracking up at the quality of your fields compared to ours... ours are so dilapidated! Yours look pristine!
(p.s. on my shot today... I just magnetic lassoed him and copied & pasted. Nothing fancy, just fooling around. The shot was over-exposed to begin with but I liked the look of it ;)

Kelly said...

Our county has really nice ball parks. The one we were at last night has a rubber baseball field! I've never seen one before they put this one in last year. I'm not even sure why you would need one! No dirt just that rubbery stuff. We've never played on it. I don't think it would feel too good if you slid into base. LOL.

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