Saturday, February 23, 2008


I guess I'm cheating a little today since I didn't actually take this photo today. I, in fact, didn't take it at all. But this is a moment I want to remember in time and be able look back on it later when I really need a smile. This is my niece and yesterday at school the students were asked if they could spend one hour with someone either living or dead who would it be. You know what her answer was? "My first daddy". When I heard that it just made my heart smile. She was three months shy of her 3rd birthday when my brother died. She's turning 8 in two weeks. I know that her step dad and her mom talk to her about him a lot and all I've ever really wanted was for her to grow up knowing that she had a kick-ass dad who loved her more than anything in this world. I'm sure he looked down on her yesterday and I can almost see that big smile of his just gleaming with pride. You did good little brother!


Chelle Y. said...

Oh, Kelly! This just touched my heart. I am sorry that you lost your brother, and she lost her daddy. But, it's nice that you will never let her forget him.

She is a beautiful girl!

Kellie said...

Aw, what a great picture. Isn't her name Cassidy? (Maybe I'm remembering wrong) I can't believe it's been 5 years now. (((hugs))) She's beautiful.

Kelly said...

Yes Kellie her name is Cassidy. She looks just like her daddy.

Mary said...

Oh Kelly...What a sweet sweet girl she is. And with a great auntie like you, and a good mom and stepdad, she'll never forget her daddy.

LotoFoto said...

What a beautiful girl. She looks like the all-american freckle-faced girl. Just gorgeous.
Your brother would've been proud of her.

hepmomto3 said...

(((Kelly))) I have tears in my eyes.

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