Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Ripstik Boy

We gave this to Jacob for Christmas. When we bought it we thought it was a regular skateboard with 4 wheels on the bottom. Well to our surprise, when he opened Christmas morning, it only had two wheels and those rotated and turned in every directions. Needless to say he tried it once and it was tossed to a corner in the garage for weeks. Well this past Saturday he got it out, put on his elbow/knee pads and helmet and went at it. He didn't get very far at first and by the end of the day he was riding it down the driveway. Now he can ride it all the way down the sidewalk.


Susan's 365 said...

Way to go Ripstik boy!

Mary said...

wow I'm impressed! He must have really good balance!

Renfield said...

WOW!! That looks really hard to do. Good for him!

Tiffany said...

Wow, great job Jacob!!

LotoFoto said...

Those things are impossible.
Of course it took the boys just a short time to learn it (just like Jacob) but if an adult steps onto it... instant bodily injury ;)

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