Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas day

So we had a very nice Christmas. We stayed home all day opened lots of gifts and ate some really good food. My parents and brother was in town and it was nice to spend the holiday with them. Both the boys got the Razor Powerwings. Ralph had his doubts that Colby could handle it but of course, in Colby fashion, the kid has become a powerwing pro! Jacob got the PSP that he has begged for for months and Colby got a really cool castle. The first gift we gave the boys were barbies dolls. They didn't think it was too funny. I caught Jacob playing with on the back porch. I'll keep that picture for years to use as blackmail. I got my Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens that I've been drooling over and a very nice set of Calphalon One cookware. Ralph got the ipod touch and lots of accessories to go with it. I had ordered my parents a 24x20 canvas of the boys that got delivered at 5pm Christmas eve! I was getting very nervous but it turned out very nice.
Today I took down the dead tree and I'm ready to reclaim my house!


LotoFoto said...

Love the Barbie gift :)
And where is Jacob playing with that? Looks like a gorgeous screened-in porch (and he's wearing short-sleeves??)
Great shots in your collage.
Looks like it was a great holiday.
We're keeping our tree up til New Year's I guess, tho I'm ready to take it down.

Kelly said...

Yes Kelly that is our screened in porch. That is the first thing that sold us on this house. The weather has been pretty warm the last several days. Too bad it's been rainy too!

LotoFoto said...

Sitting on that porch,
on a rainy day,
sounds like absolute heaven.
You are one lucky dog.

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