Friday, November 7, 2008

Old red tractors, snakes and a clip of Colby laughing when he was a baby.

Here is a video of Colby laughing when he was about 5 months old. I found this the other day on Google. I had uploaded it there a short time after I took the video. I love this video! Is he cute or what!

Then we have a shot of an old red tractor I noticed on the side of the road. Wonder why I never noticed it before. I'll have to take the boys back and take pictures of them sitting on it.

Then we have the picture of Jake holding the snake that Ralph killed today. The picture was taken after he copped off the head so you can add a couple more inches to it. He thought it was a copperhead but it turned to only be a corn snake. Either way I'm happy there is one less snake out there in our yard!


LotoFoto said...

I think Corn snakes might be just about the only kind of snake we don't get out here lol!
I don't mind the snakes that much... it's the tarantulas, black widows, scorpions & centipedes that I can't stand.
LOVE the tractor shot. Can't wait to see what other shots you get w/the boys on it.
That video is adorable!! I also like Jacob's laugh in the background lol!

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