Monday, November 17, 2008

Another one using the front door light.

Can't do one without doing the other. LOL.
OH and I want to add a couple of "Colby funnies" from this week. I'm telling you the boy is a riot. Where he comes ups with this stuff is beyond me. So the other day he and Jacob found my old dive whistle. It's a very loud whistle and they were blowing it in the house. I told them to stop and take it outside. Next thing I know Colby comes ups to me and says "mama put your hands up like this (as he puts his little hands over his ears) and go LALALALALALALA". I couldn't help but laugh.
Then today I'm sitting at my desk working and he's laying under the desk playing with the dog. Next thing I know my chair fell apart because he was down there unscrewing the bolts! LOL. What a nut!


LotoFoto said...

Now that is yummy light.
Your skintones are perfect!!
He is such a good model!

Kellie said...

He took apart your chair?? LOL I love him! What a funny kid!

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