Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did you see the full moon?

I love full moons. I think they are just magical and beautiful. I especially love it when there is a full moon in the fall sky. I'm not sure why but maybe it has to do with my brother's birthday this month. Tomorrow he would have been 36. Unfortunately he only made it 76 days past his 30th birthday. He was such a sweet kid. I have to call him a kid because to me he'll always be my little brother. The one I loved to aggravate and the one who would always spy on me and my girl friends. He used to drive me insane when we were kids but we were always inseparable. I was 5yrs old when my mom brought him home from the hospital. He was like my baby doll for the longest time. When he got older I would pin him down on the floor and let the spit from my mouth hang down and try and slurp it back up before it fell in his face. Sometimes I was fast enough and sometimes not. LOL. Tell me you did that too. So anyway, this week I've been thinking about him a lot. I think about all the things we've missed out on not having him around for the last few years. I sure do miss that boy. So anyway when I looked up and saw that full gorgeous moon last night I couldn't help but think about Jesse. I think he was on the other side of that moon looking down at us and hopefully seeing what a gorgeous daughter he has and how she is growing up so smart and well adjusted. So with that I leave you with a picture of the moon and a collage of some photos of my little brother that was taken over the years. Ranging from when he was a cute chubby baby to the last Halloween he had with his daughter. No sad thoughts OK!! Only happy thoughts and say a shout out to Jesse and wish him a happy birthday.


LotoFoto said...

FANTASTIC moon shot Kelly!
Wow! What were your settings? And what lens? I took that last shot of mine with the zoom out to 300mm but it doesn't look nearly as close as this.
On another note... I bet you'll always remember your brother everytime you look at Jacob. I see a resemblance. Do you?

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