Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big fat lip

This is what happens when you've had Novocain shots in your mouth and you bite your lip. I did warn the kid to be careful but it was inevitable. LOL.
So Jacob had his tooth fixed yesterday and thankfully there were no other cavities! I was so relieved to hear that. He did really well with the whole thing but he was so ready to have that tooth fixed. It had been bothering him so much for the last week.
He has three of his permanent molars in and we had those sealed yesterday. So far he's lost 5 of his baby teeth.

edited to add photo stats: f3.2 iso 400 ss 1600 (could have totally lowered the iso to 100 and still would have had a fast ss but it's one of those things where you grab the camera and shoot)

And yes I agree, the boy totally looks like he's in his tween years! Before school started I bought all size 8 pants and just this past weekend I had to go buy several pairs of size 10 jeans! Boy give the growing a rest for a few months will ya?!


Allison said...

OMG! The poor kid! LOL! He looks 12 in this picture. Sigh.

BTW, LOVE your new header! :)

LotoFoto said...

Like Allison said, he looks at least 12!!
Your header & background are great! How do you do all that??
Also... this photo is incredible. You have Jacob so perfectly in focus and the background is just perfectly blurred. LOVE it. What ap were you using?

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