Sunday, September 28, 2008

What would you do if a PI knocked on your door

on a Saturday afternoon? I'll tell you what I did. I had a mild heart attack. LOL. Not sure why as I really have nothing that I'm guilty of except for maybe spending a little too much time on the computer. You know when you answer the door and it's a Private Investigator about a million things run through your mind in the 30 secs it takes for him to tell you why he's at your door. Turns out he was there to ask me some questions about the dog that attacked a small boy in the neighborhood a few weeks back.

I know this doesn't really relate to the photo that I'm posting but I didn't want to ask the PI to pose for a picture. LOL.


Beth said...

I would have asked! I've started to get pretty bold with my blog photos lately! LOL

Susan's 365 said...

OMG, that would have totally freaked me out.

Awesome photo!

LotoFoto said...

Ok, 1) Love the photo!
2) Love your copyright!! Very cool!
3) LOL at the PI story and, heck yeah, you should've snapped a photo!

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