Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Day at Six Flags

We spent the day at Six Flags and had a ton of fun. I think we all slept like babies last night.
I'm not sure who these kids are but I thought it'd make a great picture.
Jacob & Lauren on the little roller coaster.
LOL. That empty seat is where Colby was supposed to be. Jacob was going to ride this with him and as soon as it was his turn to get on he ran off crying. Jacob looks a little big compared to the others no?
Jacob and Colby on the flying boats.


Allison said...

OMG Kelly! I thought that was you guys in that first picture and I almost had a heart attack! LOL! Awesome photos! :)

Kelly said...

Hell no! Do you think I'm nuts?

LotoFoto said...

LOVE that 1st photo!!!!
These are great... they are all SO clear (can you tell I'm obsessed with clarity? lol)

Renfield said...

I really need to get a new camera - I LOVE how sharp the focus is in your photos and how rich the colors are.

Mary said...

I'm having camera envy like T. great pics kelly!!

Kellie said...

Great pics! I know, I also thought it was you in the first pic... LOL! That's a great shot.

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