Monday, July 28, 2008

Another tub shot

Just thought I'd share this one too. The boys turned on the tub jets last night in the tub. When I came in I saw a mountain of bubbles and could hardly see the boys. Of course I had to go grab my camera and take some shots.


Mary said...

I love his eyes in this picture!

Uh aren't you not supposed to use the jets with bubbles? lol

Susan's 365 said...

I heart Colby!

LotoFoto said...

This is a GREAT pic!
Now I want to try this (but our bathrooms don't have great light like this...)

Renfield said...

What a breathtaking picture. The white is so perfect. How do you get their skin to look so pretty?? It looks so smooth and soft -wow. I love this picture.

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