Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fuzzy little creature


Susan's 365 said...

Cool photos!

LotoFoto said...

Very cool macro shots!
What lens?

Kelly said...

K-I took that with my Tamron but I REALLY want that 100mm macro lens.

LotoFoto said...

That's a great macro with the Tamron! I don't think I've ever even tried a macro with that lens.

Stop teasing me with the 100mm.

I'm starting to get itchy again for a new lens. I'm still leaning towards the 85mm. Tell me why you like the 100mm better. Is that the one I should be drooling over??

Kelly said...

I just want it for the macro feature. But I hear very good things about the 85mm and having very sharp pictures.

Renfield said...

You two are making me jealous with your lens options! Guess I should just be happy my camera has a macro feature, huh?

Anyway - cool shot, Kelly! We're growing butterflies in my classroom. They are still caterpillars (at least they were on Friday when I left - LOL!).

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