Monday, January 28, 2008

Day twentyeight

I had jury duty today. I was there from 8:30am til 6pm. Most of that time was spent sitting my ass in a chair. It was a miserable experiance to say the least. I have to show up tomorrow morning at 8:30 to see if they selected me.

So anyway, I took a picture of the town clock.


Tiffany said...

Cool clock tower! Great Shot!

LotoFoto said...

Oooh! Wonder if you got picked??
I like the shot of the clock tower. Good idea.

Kelly said...

Not today K. I'm glad I didn't get picked for this case. It was for vehicular homicide. But I do have to report back tomorrow at 9am to see if they need me for anthoer case. These will just be civil cases though.

Krishna said...

Great pic. Looks like something out of the thomas the train movies.

Emily said...

Pretty picture!
You have to go back again...sheeesh, they really like you up there, huh? LOL

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