Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Boy Drew

This is the little boy that Jacob and Colby plays with almost every single day. They honestly all play so well together and never ever get in any kind of arguments. Is he cute or what! And he is so stinkin' sweet and well behaved.

OK so tonight is the deadline for entering to win the iTunes gift card. I really appreciate everyone who's already commented. It's a lot more fun knowing who comes around to visit. I hope you guys stick around and visit me regularly. Maybe I'll be having some other give-a-ways in the future. But I will be back tomorrow to post the winner. The name will be drawn out of a bowl. I think maybe I'll let Colby draw the name in the morning. So come back to see who wins!

I think I may start posting the stats on my photos that I post. I know I always like to know how someone has achieved the results they've gotten and so I'll start posting my stats with the photos.

On this shot I used my 85mm lens at f2.2 with a shutter speed of 400. My ISO was 200. I used the "honey" action by Lilyblue and the frame is from ittybitty actions.

Thanks for looking!


ScrapAddict said...

Oh wow what beautiful blue eyes! Gorgeous photo!

Mary said...

He has such striking eyes--beautiful picture Kelly

Kim said...

Wonderful and very inspiring! Wow!

Renfield said...

Your portraits are beautiful, Kelly. You should consider doing them professionally - really.

LotoFoto said...

Kelly, this shot is stunning!
Wow! I love what you did with it.

Connie said...

He has gorgeous eyes & again you've just blown me away with your photography skills!!

Sarah C. (my3hens) said...

What a stunning photo and his eyes are just gorgeous!!

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